4 Extraordinary Attributes Of A Unique And Exceptional Chatbot

4 Extraordinary Attributes Of A Unique And Exceptional Chatbot

The chatbot technology has gained much ground over conventional bots because of a number of reasons. One such reason is the inclusion of the human touch in their working which makes them a standout among the bots.

In this article, I am going to discuss a few characteristic traits of a unique chatbot in greater details. If you are a developer and are intrigued enough by this modern technology, you might benefit substantially from this list. Let’s start our discussion without further ado.

1. Chatbots should be social in nature just like a human being

Like I said before, chatbots must possess a human touch in them to make them a standout among the crowd. So the first trait that they should exhibit to the world is sociality which should be equivalent to that of a human being in general.

For example,

Imagine you are ordering a pizza from X though their chatbot Y. And you have ordered for a classic non-veg pizza for you and your girlfriend. And then the chatbot comes up and reminds you of the fact (on basis of its past experience) that your girlfriend is a vegetarian. Do you still want to go ahead with the order? Or should you go ahead with a veggie pizza? Get the point?

2. A chatbot should possess a unique name and a matching personality

A unique name is a must. Or your chatbot might be in a danger of getting itself lost in this ever-growing chatbot crowd. More and more businesses, be it small or large and implementing chatbots in their business operations. So if your chatbot doesn’t have a unique name or an identity of its own, nobody will be able o search it up on the internet.

So think of a unique name that matches your chatbot personality (e.g. call it Poncho if you deal specifically in teen goodies to make it sound more cool). Take some time and decide it for the good. A unique name accompanied by a unique personality an go a long way indeed.

3. A chatbot should be capable of working on past experiences

The key to developing a unique and exceptional chatbot is all in its AI. If it possesses the ability to work on past experiences, it gets the nod for sure.

Chatbots, like humans should have the ability to retain important information on a user to user basis comprising of things like a user’s browsing habits on their platform, their buying patterns and so on.

Based on such detailed information, they will be able to provide a better personalized service to users in general. Things like that are truly unique indeed and are more than capable of making your bot a standout among the chatbot crowd.

4. A chatbot should be able to approach customers on its own

The chatbot technology has made it possible for businesses today to approach their customers on their own. Previously, it was all about the ways through which they can direct a sizable chunk of traffic to their business platform. Things have changed considerably.

Now they don’t have to wait for their customers to actually come to their platforms; instead they can go to the places where their customers are the most through the help of their chatbots.

So how can you approach your customers directly through the help of chatbots. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Create a compelling greeting message that your chatbot should come up with at the start to make your customers feel more at ease.

  • Include a easily comprehensible “Get Started” button.

  • Your welcome message should be based on the ways through which you can help them (either through your services or through your products).

  • Advertise your chatbot on your respective social media platforms.

  • Last but not the least, always speak the human language. Technical or machine languages like “log in,” “sign out,” “add to cart” etc. take away all the charm. Instead go for approaches like “get on it” or “go for it” just like humans do in an interaction. Speaking the human way can go a long way indeed.


The chatbot technology has taken the world by storm especially due to the benefits that come with it. Are you into this trend yet? If you haven’t, it’s high time for you to jump on this bandwagon ASAP. They can definitely benefit your business a lot in the long run.

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