6 Facebook tips and tricks for small businesses

6 Facebook tips and tricks for small businesses

Facebook is an exquisite platform indeed that can help you increase your business and draw in more potential traffic to your platform if you are able to use it the right way.

It’s necessary for small businesses to have a Facebook presence at the very least to improve their authority over the internet and develop their business credibility among the customers at the very same time.

But having just a static FB presence isn’t going to work well over time. You need to be active on it. You need to come up with fresh content to intrigue your customers. If you do it religiously every day, you are bound to see results over time. These tips can come in handy for you.

1. Post fresh content regularly

Like I said before, a static Facebook profile has almost no meaning. You have to keep it dynamic. You have to come up with fresh content every day to make your audience aware of your activity on the internet.

Another thing that you should realize is the fact that you need to engage yourself with your audience as well on the very same platform. You can’t expect your audience to engage with your posts every day while you stay waiting on the sidelines; can you?

No; it doesn’t work that way. You have to reply to them, answer their questions and engage with at least a few of them to improve your popularity over the internet. Small things like that go a long way indeed.

2. Use the tagging feature to your advantage

Facebook’s tagging feature can also help to bring in novel connections and drive the rate of your post enagements provided you use the feature tactfully to your advantage.

Here’s an example for you.

Say, you are selling books of a best-selling author who also has a presence on Facebook. You can very easily create the post and tag him/her up on the very same platform. If you are lucky, s/he may also share the same post on his/her timeline as well. Now that can really be an icing on the cake for you.

3. Use attractive photographs and video to up the rate of engagements

Bland text is boring. You need to up the ante. For that, you have two very capable weapons in your arsenal and those are photographs and videos.

Try posting engaging and humorous images like infographics, memes and other attractive banners on your FB page. Also include videos periodically as a form of novelty. It can definitely help to drive up the rate of your engagements.

4. Provide your audience opportunities to gain access to exclusive information

Now this is just a marketing tactic that works only if you are able to keep the uniqueness factor associated with it. I’ll explain this with an example.

Say, for example your Facebook business page is all about promoting your restaurants to the global audience as a whole.

In that case, you can very easily share a few recipes of some simple, yet tasteful dishes on the same platform itself. Make it exclusive as well. Limit them only to FB. By doing these things periodically, you’ll definitely see the results in the long run.

5. Create Facebook contests

Facebook contests can give your engagements a real boost. It’s definitely a good way to get in all those likes and priceless leads that you can seldom get through any other means.

Contests can also result in expenses. But it’s nothing in comparison to the results that it can bring. Think of these expenses as a form of investments; investments that have a high ROI.

6. Try to include personalized conversations

Nobody likes to talk to a robot or a machine. Everybody wants to converse with somebody or something that has a human touch. So always remember, personalization is the key to improving businesses and driving in more customers over time.

Being the owner of a small business venture, it might be difficult for you to have a dedicated 24/7 human-powered customer service at least at the start for different financial issues. But don’t worry; there’s still a solution in the form of chatbots.

Chatbots can help to automate your business processes on one hand and also help to maintain the human touch on the other. And the best thing about these chatbots is the fact that they would be helping customers out on messaging apps like the FB messenger which makes them more convenient.

So is there something not to like? Guess not!


Right, enough talks I guess. It’s time you put these plans into actions. Hope the 6 tips highlighted above come in handy for you. Good luck!

Sudipto Das

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