8 Best Uses Of Chatbots Around The World

8 Best Uses Of Chatbots Around The World

The chatbot revolution has already begun to spread its wings around the globe. However, the revolution is still considered as one in its infancy.

The potential’s there; there’s no doubt about it but more work is still required to fulfill the actual goals of chatbots in the best possible way.

Nevertheless, some major companies have already implemented chatbots as an alternative form of customer support. In here, I have listed a few of the best and popular uses of chatbots around the globe.

1. Personal concierge

You might argue saying that this is nothing new. After all, we already have Siri working flawlessly in our apple devices.

But now with the introduction of chatbots, we have different options to personalize our concierge according to our choice and requirements. Rather than having different chatbots for different functions, only one should be enough to handle every task individually.

“One chatbot to rule them all.”

As a form of personal concierge, today chatbots are more than capable of organizing your mails, diary, accessing required services, making appointments etc.

2. To order food from restaurants

In Microsoft’s BUILD developers’ conference, a chatbot was implemented and used to order pizza from Domino’s.

Through this process, one doesn’t even have to fill up an online ordering form. One can place an order through normal typing or even talking to the bot. That can save a whole lot of time and effort.

Taco Bell, an American restaurant chain has already implemented chatbots called the TacoBot that lets you order food through the Slack messaging platform.

3. Personal stylist

Imagine a chatbot having the ability to inform you what wearable suits you the best depending on the circumstances and what doesn’t.

In fact, this bot exists these days. Sephora, a beauty product company has developed their very own chatbot where you will be able to converse with the bot on the messaging platform KiK.

4. Physician bots

Obviously chatbots would never be able to fix a broken leg but it can perhaps give you a few basic medical advices depending on the situations.

It can also recommend treatments as per requirement and can also direct you to the nearest hospital. Such things will be hugely beneficial to you because you will be able to access a huge amount of medical information thereby, saving time and money at the same time.

5. Credit score check

Clearscore, a finance company announced in 2017 that they are going to launch a chatbot soon that is going to help people improve their credit scores.

This service will be available for free. Three different services will be provided through these chatbots:

  • Build: Aimed specifically at amateurs lacking sufficient credit history.

  • Repair: Aimed for helping people having poor credit history to improve on their credit scores.

  • Shape up: It is tailor made for people who just want to maintain their healthy credit rating.

6. Finance advisor

We’re already seeing a number of intelligent AI-based finance advisors emerging from pension and finance sectors that are primarily built for answering any queries related to finance, budgets and other related issues.

For example:

A consultancy firm called Matter developed a chatbot called Matilda whose primary objective is to give proper financial advice to pensioners. You can chat with Matilda in the same way you talk to an advisor in person. Matilda can handle all sorts of financial and pension-related conversations at ease.

7. Chatbots in education

To be honest, there aren’t a whole lot of examples of education bots in the market right now. But the potential’s there for the taking.

That’s because of their ability to communicate in natural languages the languages in which we humans speak to one another. An example can be IBM’s Watson bot.

8. Chatbots in children’s toys and entertainment

You will probably say that toys having the built-in capacity to chat with their users are nothing new. Well yes, I agree but previously that was usually limited to a handful of sentences. There were no improvisations.

However, the inculcation of chatbots offer more chances to a richer interactive environment. Products like “Hello Barbie,” “Thomas and friends” etc. have already used this concept to great effects.


Chatbots are basically the future. Better adapt to this trend as soon as possible.

Sudipto Das

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