How Can Progressive Web Apps Benefit Your Small Business Ventures?

How Can Progressive Web Apps Benefit Your Small Business Ventures?

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are considered a unique concept that bridges the gap between a website and a mobile app. PWAs have become the new buzz of the business world. For now, they are looking like a fad but sooner or later, this fad’s going to change into some sort of a necessity.

But how did PWAs become the new business sensation? There are a host of reasons. PWAs promise a lot of good things in UX ranging from improved performance to improved speed and even to supporting offline functionality.

PWAs have given small businesses a significant increase in lead conversion and retention rates. In fact, the number of upsides are quite high. I’ll discuss these upsides in greater detail in this article. Take a quick look.

1. Progressive web apps give your audience the ease of offline functionality

Websites are limited in certain circumstances especially when it comes to the internet connectivity. Without connecting to the internet, most websites loses their proper functionality on mobile devices.

Mobile apps on the other hand are usually self-contained. In most cases, they allow mobile users to operate them without internet connectivity. This automatically increases engagement and user availability.

You may now ask the question as to how progressive web apps function in offline modes?

The basic principle isn’t too complex. Progressive web apps function by saving certain information accessed by a visitor. To be more simple, I can say that the pages that the visitors have already accessed through PWAs can be accessed again on the same interface without internet connectivity.

Another interesting feature of PWAs is that even if a user has not visited a specific page before, a custom offline page complete with a brand logo at the top along with a bit of brand information can be displayed to the user. From the perspective of digital marketing, such an information is priceless indeed.

2. PWAs feel like a mobile app but it functions like a website

PWAs are usually designed to have the feeling of a mobile app. This gives users the ease to operate in familiar settings.

Similar to the internet websites, PWAs can be accessed through URLs. Hence, they easily become indexable by the search engines.

Thus you’ll easily be able to find web pages optimized by progressive web apps on Google and Bing.

3. PWAs are more than capable of giving you a significant increase in performance

Progressive web apps work faster because they have the power to cache and serve content in the form images, text, style sheets etc. in a specific website.

Increased speed automatically lead to an improved user experience resulting in an improved user retention rates. From the sales point of view, this feature of PWA is deemed almost closed to “priceless.”

4. Progressive web apps install quickly on mobile devices

Another interesting thing about PWAs that you will probably notice is that several browsers automatically request users to install progressive web apps on their devices for an improved performance.

This action plan instigated by the browsers themselves build up credibility and also adds value in terms of reliability as well as authority.

Another good thing is that unlike mobile app installations, users aren’t routed to the app stores for PWA downloads. Users can download them directly on their mobile devices thereby saving both time and money (in the form of data).

5. PWAs believe in push notifications; not in mails

PWAs have device specific hardware features. Hence, they believe more in push notifications rather than mails to notify any content changes or additions on their respective platforms.

All developers and publishers have total control over this feature. They can decide for themselves as to how they want to use it.

Push notifications can be used to provide creative solutions or they can also be used to market new content. Flexibility is guaranteed on this platform.

The push notification feature of PWAs is particularly beneficial for you if you have a small e-commerce business marketplace. You can use this feature to market new products to your customers effectively and conveniently.

Push notifications are generally read by mobile users more often than newsletters and mails. So it’s definitely better to traverse this route of wisdom and gain more customers at moment’s notice.

Progressive web apps have undoubtedly brought a revolution in the modern business market. They are definitely going to be the next big thing in the business world. So what do you think? Should you go for it? The answer is basically a no-brainer.

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