Top 8 Platforms For Chatbot Development

Top 8 Platforms For Chatbot Development

Chatbots are considered the new buzz among businesses. They have stirred quite a sensation; there’s no doubt about it.

The big names such as the Facebook and Telegram have already made decent moves to get themselves involved in this arena. Messaging apps have taken the world by storm and that’s one of sole reasons behind the growing popularity of chatbots.

In here, I am going to discuss a few readily-available platforms that you can use for chatbot development. Plenty of platforms have cropped up on the internet that has made chatbot development easy and convenient just like a piece of cake. Let’s begin.

1. ChattyPeople

This is one of the best platforms for developing an AI based chatbot. The bot made through ChattyPeople can be integrated with Facebook messenger within a jiffy.

You don’t need to have a coding background to work on Chatty people. This platform’s simplicity makes it a standout among the crowd.

You can easily create a chatbot to answer your customer queries through FB messenger. And the best thing is that this platform’s 100% free to start with.


MEOKAY’s another tool or should I say one of the best tools to create a conversational messenger chatbot.

The MEOKAY platform is easy to use and can be handled by both developers and non-developers for creating a chatbot by following a set of easy-to-follow steps.

Within minutes, you’ll be able to create advanced dialogues and conversational scenarios for smooth conversations. Once you’re done, link and then launch your final chatbot.

3. ChatScript

Chatscript’s the platform that produced the award-winning “Rose” bot which is the winner of the 2015 Loebner prize.

The bot was awarded that prize because it was able to pass a simple Turing test convincing the judges that there was the presence of human intelligence behind the scenes and not machine intelligence.

You can get the detailed source code on that page itself. ChatScript is purely made for developers and hence, you’ll need to have a coding background to engage with the same.

4. Botsify

It’s another FB chabot platform that makes it easy and convenient to integrate chatbots into the system.

It has a paid subscription mode that can help you make the bot in five simple steps.

  • Log into

  • Connect your FB account.

  • Setup a webhook.

  • Write those commands for the chatbot that you’re creating.

  • Botsify can handle the customer service for you.


Your chatbot should be capable of speaking the natural language of humans. If you want to build your chatbot in that way, you should check this platform out.

API.AI was used to build Speaktoit which is the Android version of Siri.

Developers can easily use this platform to make chatbots of their choice and integrate them with several messaging platforms though a single click. Convenient and time saving at the same time.

The platform provides support in 13 languages and also has a detailed guideline to start off with.

6. Beep Boop

Beep Boop is another platform that’s primarily made for developers.

It’s a hosting platform that’s designed specifically for developers who are looking to integrate their chatbots with Slack and Facebook Messengers.

At first you have to set up your code through Github. Then you’ll have to input the code into the Beep Boop platform. Then you’ll have link it to your FB messenger/Slack application. The bots will then be ready to interact with your customers through real-time chat as well as messaging.

7. Chatfuel

It’s another platform that can be considered a heaven look-alike for non-experienced developers.

Through Chatfuel, you will be able to develop your own chatbot without any prior experience. The platform works by allowing users link to external sources via plugins.

8. Facebook Messenger Platform

Did you check out the official Facebook Messenger page lately for any purpose of yours? Well, if you had, you would’ve known that you can now start building your own chatbot directly though the FB Messenger’s landing page.

Now this method might be a little complicated for non-experienced developers but the Messenger does give you enough resources to achieve your goal in a short period of time.

You will have proper access to case studies, guides and a forum that’s specifically made for Facebook developers. And soon you’ll be able to develop a chatbot in no time.

So which one did you prefer from the list above? Don’t forget to inform us in the comments section below.

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