What should marketing professionals know about the chatbot technology?

What should marketing professionals know about the chatbot technology?

The chatbot technology has taken the world by storm. Even a few years back it was considered just a blip. Not anymore! Today the technology has become a very part of the necessity, rather than a luxury.

If you are a marketing professional, it’s advisable for you to get into this trend ASAP. Here are a few things that you should be aware specifically when chatbot technology is concerned.

1. Chatbots come in two types

Chatbot is a service that’s powered by a set of rules and AI (in some cases) that people intereact with through a chat interface.

There are usually two types of chatbots (at last that’s what’s available nowadays in the market).

  • Rule-based chatbots

These are bots having limited abilities. These chatbots have the ability to respond only to a handful of queries. Their smartness depends on the way they are programmed to be.

If anything’s wrongly said to these chatbots, they’ll fail to actually grasp the error in the statement. That’s because they are not even programmed to handle situations like that. They work completely on pre-programmed commands. Beyond that they lose all its functionalities.

  • AI-based chatbots

These ones are a bit advanced in comparison o that of the rule-based chatbots and have the ability to actually learn from past experiences. Your audience will also feel at ease while interacting with this bot because it’ll seem as if they are talking to a human rather than a bot.

AI-based chatbots grow smarter with time. Its ability to learn from past experiences is its biggest asset which can actually make it a standout among the crowd.

2. Chatbots are popularly implemented for customer services, healthcare and ecommerce operations

Chatbots are widely implemented by reputed brands and companies in several operations based on their business niche.

Some of these notable messenger chatbots are:

  • Uber: Used by passengers to book a ride. A simple message is enough for the job.

  • Burberry: To showcase fashion.

  • Dominos and Taco Bell: To order food.

  • HelloVote: This one help people vote from the very comfort of their respective messenger apps.

  • Hi Poncho: It’s a popular weather forecasting chatbot that comes in the form of a “cat”.

  • IcelandAir: Helps people book their flights.

So you can see that chatbots have spread their wings to almost all business niches. Do you have one of yours yet? If the answer’s no, design your very own ASAP. Plenty of user-friendly platforms are available on the internet that you can use to your benefits specifically for chatbot development, Check them out.

3. Chatbots aren’t completely a novel concept

Okay, you might think of this trend as a novel trend that has gained quite a fad among business executives due to the marketing benefits associated with it but then, you’ll be completely wrong my friend.

They were always there in the past. Where? Let’s go down a trip down the memory lane.

Remember the concept of “automated attendant.” Press 1 for this, 2 for that? Whenever you called up the customer care of a service (say a healthcare, airline and so on), you were usually greeted with an automated voice. Only after some time (and after pressing the right button), you get the chance to actually talk to a live human agent.

Now that automated voice was a chatbot. It was designed in a manner to answer most of the basic customer queries such that the amount of stress on customer service operations gets evenly distributed to a certain extent.

The same automated bots are still in use today with a bit more upgrades. Today, they sound more like a human rather than a bot. And they have also learnt to live on the messaging apps on individual smartphones. Convenient; isn’t it?

4. Chatbots would not be able to replace humans in customer support…YET

Through the implementation of chatbots, you will be able to give your business customer support operations a huge boost. But that doesn’t mean they have the power to replace your entire customer service human workforce.

When complex issues are concerned, human agents are still you way to go. Your chatbots won’t be handle things like that as of YET (maybe in future they will be able to do that).


The chatbot technology has all the potentials to revolutionize the digital marketing world. Hence, it’s advisable to adopt this trend to get benefited in the long run. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself one ASAP.

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