Why Chatbots Are Considered the Next Best Thing In Business Marketing

Why Chatbots Are Considered the Next Best Thing In Business Marketing

In 2017, one thing has become as clear as daylight in the digital marketing world which is the fact that “Messaging apps are slowly surpassing the craze of the respective social media platforms.”

Messaging apps such as the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, SnapChat etc. are gaining grounds quickly and effectively on the biggest giants of the social media. And this is where the chatbot technology comes in as a form of a blessing from heaven for the digital marketing professionals.

So what is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that’s designed to simulate conversations with human users on a channel over the internet.

Chabots are automated bots that carry our conversations with human users through the use of a natural language (it can be either through voice or through text).

The best thing about chatbots is the fact that they don’t even appear like bots. And in some cases, the’r built-in AI is designed to be so advanced that the user might even feel that s/he is interacting with another human instead of a bot.

And now we have entered into the era of next gen chatbots that are built with improved aritificial intelligence in comparison to the ones before. These next gen chatbots are considered the future of business marketing. Why? Let’s go through the reasons now.

Reasons due to which chatbots are considered the future of business marketing

  • True engagements that aren’t just “clicks”

Traditionally, online advertising was based mainly on clicks like who clicked an ad or who clicked on a video and so on. Engagement rates were calculated on basis of that. Now do you think that’s beneficial enough from the point of view of digital marketing? Do you think all those “clicks” are relevant enough for your digital marketing strategies? Guess not!

With chatbots, you can be sure of at least one thing in general i.e. you will be receiving true and relevant engagements in comparison to the ones from PPC advertising.

Okay, now that is pretty obvious; isn’t it? There’s the involvement of a real conversation especially when chatbots are concerned. You can’t get more real than that; can you?

  • You are going to your customers on your own; NOT the other way around

Traditional marketing was more or less based on the fact as to how to draw effective and relevant traffic to your target pages so that you can convert a big chunk of them to your targeted leads. In other words, you relied much on your potential customers to actually come to you. But with the implementation of chatbots, this entire process has gone through a sea-change.

You are now going to your customers on your own and that too to those places where they spend their maximum amount of time online- the messaging apps.

Effective marketing you wanted; effective marketing you’ll get.

  • Give your brand identity a life of its own

A brand identity is usually presented to the users in the form of a text or image through the use of videos, banner ads, flyers, billboards and so on.

How about you give your brand image a life of its own? It would seem like a “live entity” from the user’s point of view. Things like these can push your company’s credibility to the level of maximum. More credibility automatically means more business.

  • Direct user insights

Through the implementation of chatbots, businesses will be able to get user insights directly from their users. They won’t have to present users with an online form their users will have to fill up individually to get their leads from their target pages.

Personalized questions like “where do you live?”, “what genre of music do you love?” etc. are more socially acceptable in comparison to the ones that come in form. Capturing leads would seem just like a piece of cake in this setup.

So what now?

Chatbots have grown smarter and more intelligent with time and with further research and development, it’s expected that they’ll reach a new level of excellence in the very near future.

Developers and engineers are working on the development of bots that will have the ability to actually learn from past experiences. Once such chatbots come into our reality, automatic customer support would cease to be a problem any longer.


So what are you waiting for? Adopt the chatbot technology ASAP and reap the benefits that come with it. You will definitely be benefited in the long run.

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